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Imagen de Minecraft ModLoader
Approval level: 80%
Insertion Date: 2012-05-07
Downloads this week: 2.040
Times recommended: 0
Category: Games
SubCategory: Misc. Games
Type: Freeware
Size: 101kb.
Language: Program in English or Multilanguage   

"Complete your Minecraft via mods."

Despite not having an impressive story, a powerful graphics engine or next-generation graphics, Minecraft has made its way into millions of PCs to become a game that's both addictive and fun, offering the ability to build your own world based on building blocks.

To give a unique and original look to your Minecraft, you can install some of the mods you'll find anywhere on the Minecraft website. Now, how do you know if the various mods are compatible with each other? When installing a mods to Minecraft you have to deal with main system’s files, or command lines. That’s all the hard part and can make you run away. But before you do, Minecraft ModLoader is the solution that will make you relax and try again.

The name of this program couldn't be much clearer, as Minecraft ModLoader is a small mod manager for Minecraft that lets you bring together the game's most outstanding mods, install those that you like, and in case of error, it will inform you which of the mods you're installing are compatible with those already installed or with your version of the game. Just copy and paste the mod in question into the program and all you’re done. Let ModLoader do the difficult tasks for you.

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